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I’m going to start off by quoting myself. This is what I once said in a comment on one of Ljiljana’s lovely posts:

I don’t think it’s likely I’ll feel comfortable calling myself a blogger until I’ve written about 50 posts.

This was in January 2015. Yes, over four years ago. Which won’t be a surprise if you’ve read any of my posts, as they usually start with something along the lines of: This post has only been waiting for me to get around to writing it for two years…

You guys! The day has finally arrived! This is … drum roll … post no. 50!

I still don’t see myself a blogger – maybe that’ll happen after 100 posts and if the first 50 are anything to go by, I think this may just happen before I retire 😛 –  but I *am* really glad I stuck with it. 

Anyway, this is simply to say that I’ve reached a milestone of sorts and I thought I’d do something different to mark the occasion. Because many of my posts have been about something digital, I figured I might as well try out something new and decided an infographic would fit the bill nicely. I haven’t done many of those and I’ve never tried out Piktochart, which I’ve heard good things about. (Adding this sentence before I hit publish: you can add links to the infographic, but they won’t be active if you’re on the free WP plan because you can’t embed content. I had to upload the png file, so you can’t click through to the two posts included in the image. But you can click through to the interactive version of the infographic if you want to give the AMORES post a bit more love.)

What do you think? Do you need to have written a certain number of posts before you qualify as a blogger? Does it matter at all? 

Thanks for reading!


By ven_vve

ELT, elearning, higher ed, teacher training, translation. Partial to the island of Vis since the pre-tourist era.

12 replies on “Milestone”

Congratulations Vedrana! 🙂 I’m looking forward to your new posts. Have a great time in Vis this summer (I’d love to read about Vis and some other beautiful Croatian islands on your blog).
Enjoy the summer holiday!

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Hi Vedrana, and congratulations! For me, blogging is a choice, not a number. (But I did go and check how many posts I have written). I’m so glad you’re keeping blogging, even though you don’t teach full time now. One “statistical” question: which social network/platform gets you most views? Recently I’ve been getting a lot more views via fb than Twitter, which is a bit astonishing. I prefer Twitter and that’s where I present myself as a teacher. Cheers Kamila

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Thanks very much, Kamila, and thank you for always motivating me to keep writing! I agree on blogging not being a number and another thing I said in my comment on Ljiljana’s post is that I don’t go around counting how many posts others have written – I’m just hard on myself. 🙂 Re views, it’s definitely Twitter in my case, except for that one time when a post ended up on Teaching English – then it was Facebook. Do you know where the FB traffic is coming from? It could be the groups you’re a member of (translators and teachers)?

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Yes, the high traffic always comes from groups. So if a post gets shared in a group, the traffic is a lot higher than usual. Otherwise, it’s from Twitter where like-minded people interact more so I’m really fond of that. I also love looking at the countries. Some destinations never stop amazing me! Last question – have you thought about upgrading? I have, but on the other hand, I like the casual style of the free blog. And one more thing, there’s a Czech lifestyle blogger who runs a protected blog hidden behind an annual subscription fee, fairly affordable. She posts about six times a month. I’d really like something like this, but then one would really have to provide great content. Just loving the simplicity of it.

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If I haven’t thought about upgrading it hasn’t been for lack of trying on WP’s part. 🙂 All those reminders that a special offer is about to expire. Seriously though, I don’t think I make enough use of the blog to justify the upgrade, even if it isn’t expensive. I haven’t checked the subscription plans. If I were using it for, say, sharing my materials/resources and kept adding to the bank regularly, then upgrading might be something to consider. But actually, it would probably be a good idea to look at what they offer in terms of plug-ins, etc. I know that the paid-for version has no ads and you can choose from more themes, which isn’t tempting enough for me right now.
I don’t think I’ve come across a blog that has a subscription plan yet; it sounds like an interesting concept. Wouldn’t there be a lot of competition in the form of blogs that don’t require subscription? What does this person offer that other bloggers don’t? Does she offer any free content to attract new readers who may be reluctant to subscribe until they’ve read some of her posts?

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